Digital Hearing Aids

Greater Flexibility in hearing aid programming. Works better in Noise cancellation and whistle reduction.


Digital Hearing Aids

The world is revolutionized by digital communication and networks. To aid our hearing solutions they are deeply rooted in the technology of hearing aid which enables its users a wide range of features and facilities which can be programmed and customized based upon the requirement. 

Begining from BTE hearing aids to Invisible hearing aids, everything becomes digital to ease our usage and convenience. When compared to performance manual hearing aids are outdated and digital hearing aids are becoming more common around hearing solutions. 

They are smart and can be connected with other digital devices like mobile phones, Bluetooth devices. They elevate the quality of life at a higher rate by providing an extraordinary hearing experience. These digital hearing aids empower our mental health and also our hearing ability to another level. 

Analog VS Digital hearing aids

Analog hearing aids’ sound signals are continuous and uniform in flow, which will not let the users to experience the layers of sound. They just amplify the noise whereas digital hearing aids are programmable that converts sound wave into digital signals which provide a replica of the exact sound produced. 

The variation in analog devices is made only by turning up the volume, which is very uncomfortable. Noise cancellation is just a myth in the case of analog hearing aids. 

These hearing aids allow the users to experience varying sound signals, natural-sounding speech efficiently. In a digital hearing aid, there is a microphone, an amplifier, a receiver, and a hearing aid battery which can be preferred as replaceable batteries or rechargeable batteries.  

The battery drives the system.

The amplifier is the brain of the digital hearing aid, it processes the speech picked up by the microphone and sends it to the receiver and into the ears. Like analog, it won’t just amplify the sound but smartly bring all the fine nuances and qualities of natural sound to life. You can control whatever you are hearing in your comfortable ways.

Like lights in our home, playing the right tone based upon the mood and ambiance, we can do this with the sound. To enjoy nature as it is without any mockup additions these technological marvels are the best solution. 



  • Customize not only the hearing aid but the hearing experience 
  • Can be Connected with other digital devices
  • Stream calls and entertainment
  • Smart and discreet 
  • Better performance 
  • Audio enriched with depth and variation 
  • Multiple program memories 
  • Easy to handle