Behind the ear (BTE hearing aids)

BTE hearing aids consist of a hard plastic case worn behind the ear which is connected to an earmold that fits inside the outer ear through a slender tube. The electronic parts like amplifiers, batteries are held inside the case behind the ear. Sound travels through the earmold into the ear. 

Traditional BTE hearing aids

Traditional BTE hearing aids are attached by tubes to custom-fitted earmolds that hold hearing aid in place. This is best for people with draining ear or excessive ear wax formation. 

They fit behind the ear while the amplified sound passes through a tube to a customized earmold that fits in your ear. The major exposed part of the hearing aid features a program button and volume button, It can be manually adjusted. Traditional BTE hearing aids are suitable for all degrees of hearing loss, from mild to profound impairment.

They are built in larger sizes for more power and durability, They are also available in miniature sizes


Open-ear BTE Hearing aids

A new type of BTE hearing aid is available as an open type, which had a thin tube fit inside the ear leaving the canal to remain open, This open type of hearing aid saves itself from the damage or block caused by the ear wax formation. 

This is the most common BTE hearing aid preferred by people with hearing loss because it can be fitted and removed easily. They won’t cause any pain to the canal since they allow the space required for the canals to breathe.  

The tube extends into the ear canal mostly fit with domes. These hearing aids are appropriate for individuals with mild to moderate hearing losses. 

They are available in traditional and miniature BTE sizes.

Receiver in the canal (RIC) hearing aids

Receiver in the canal hearing aids fit behind the ear attached to thin tubes with receivers and loudspeakers that are placed in the ear canal. 

This hearing aid is appropriate for all degrees of hearing loss, from mild to profound

Are Behind the Ear is the best option for you?

Hearing aid fitting is totally depends on many factors including the individual’s hearing capacity, ear anatomy, lifestyle, budget, cosmetic appeal, and more. The best hearing professional will perfectly determine your requirement and suggest the best option which suits your need.


  • Larger in size that can accommodate larger batteries for longer life 
  • Larger amplifiers for maximum amplification.
  • Water-resistant
  • Hold more circuitry because of the larger size
  • Quick to fit and remove
  • Rechargeable option is also available or we can opt for replaceable batteries


  • Available in analog and digital versions
  • Available in standard, mini, or power
  • More durability and allows more feature
  • Comfortable and best fit for an individual with draining problem
  • Provides the best amplification 
  • Customizable- programmable