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Types of Hearing Aids

Tailored Solutions for Every Lifestyle

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BTE (Behind-the-Ear)

Versatile, powerful hearing support with natural sound and comfortable fit.

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ITC (In-The-Canal)

Discreet design, personalized for moderate hearing loss, delivering clear communication.

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RIC (Receiver-in-Canal)

Uncompromising clarity, wireless connectivity, and unmatched convenience.

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IIC (Invisible-in-Canal)

Invisible yet impactful, tailored for mild to moderate hearing loss discreetly.

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CIC (Completely-in-Canal)

Perfectly fitted, offering clear sound and effortless communication.

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ITE (In-The-Ear)

Custom-made comfort, ideal for various hearing needs, exceptional sound quality.

Better Hearing in 4 Steps

From Detection to Thriving Sound Experience.

Detecting Auditory Issues

Recognize signs of hearing problems and take proactive steps.

Expert Consultation

Book a consultation with Aideo Hearing professionals to diagnose and understand your unique needs.

Personalized Solutions

Find the perfect fix based on your diagnosis for improved hearing.

Thriving with Aftercare Support

Enjoy life's sounds anew with ongoing assistance and care. Aideo Hearing, a hearing partner for Life.

Our Services

Elevate Your Hearing Experience with
Customized Solutions and Expert Attention.

Hearing Assessments

Thorough evaluations to understand your unique hearing profile, guiding personalized solutions for you.

Expert Audiologists

Professional guidance through every step, from diagnosis to selecting the perfect hearing aid for you.

Advanced Hearing Aids

Precision fittings ensure maximum comfort and performance, bringing clear sound back to your life.

Tailored Hearing Solutions

Customized solutions catered to your lifestyle, ensuring seamless integration and optimal hearing experiences.

Personalisation and Maintenance

Ongoing fine-tuning and support to keep your hearing aid working at its best, always.

Best After Care Services

Empowering you with knowledge and techniques to enhance your hearing wellness journey.

Device Comparison

Complete list of hearing aids and their available features.

Features / Types Digital Analog
Computer Programmable Yes No
Technology Latest Outdated
Speech Clarity Yes No
Mic 2 1
Mobile Compatibility Yes No
Models BTE, RIC & Custom BTE
Service Cost Nominal Very High
Repairs Less More

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How Can We Help?

  • Are rechargeable hearing aids convenient?

    Absolutely, they eliminate the hassle of changing batteries and offer all-day usage with a single charge.

  • How long does a rechargeable hearing aid battery last?

    On average, rechargeable batteries can last up to 24 hours before needing a recharge.

  • Can I switch to disposable batteries if needed?

    Yes, some rechargeable models allow you to switch to disposable batteries in emergencies.

  • How do I charge my hearing aids?

    Charging is easy; simply place your hearing aids in their charging case overnight for optimal performance.

  • Are rechargeable hearing aids more expensive than traditional ones?

    Initially, they might have a higher upfront cost, but they can save money in the long run by eliminating battery purchases.

  • Are invisible hearing aids truly invisible?

    They're designed to be discreet, fitting inside your ear canal for minimal visibility while delivering quality sound.

  • Are invisible hearing aids suitable for all types of hearing loss?

    They work best for mild to moderate hearing loss, as they have limited space for amplification components.

  • How comfortable are invisible hearing aids to wear?

    Their custom fit ensures comfort, and most users find them comfortable for extended periods.

  • Can I adjust invisible hearing aids easily?

    While adjustments are possible, some models may have limited manual controls due to their small size.

  • Do invisible hearing aids offer the same sound quality?

    Yes, they provide high-quality sound, but some advanced features might be limited due to size constraints.

  • What is a digital hearing aid?

    It's a modern device that uses digital processing to amplify and enhance sounds for improved hearing.

  • How do digital hearing aids differ from analog ones?

    Digital aids process sound digitally, allowing for more precise customization and better noise reduction.

  • Can digital hearing aids be adjusted to different environments?

    Yes, they can automatically adapt to various settings, enhancing your hearing experience in diverse situations.

  • Are digital hearing aids suitable for severe hearing loss?

    Yes, digital technology can effectively address a wide range of hearing loss, including severe cases.

  • Do digital hearing aids offer wireless connectivity options?

    Many digital models offer Bluetooth connectivity, allowing you to connect with devices like smartphones, TVs, and more.

  • How can hearing aids improve my quality of life?

    Hearing aids enhance your ability to communicate, reconnecting you with loved ones and the world around you.

  • How do I know if I need hearing aids?

    If you struggle to hear conversations, sounds, or often ask for repetition, it's a good indication.

  • Can I choose the right hearing aid for me?

    Absolutely, an audiologist will assess your hearing and guide you to the best-fit solution.

  • How long does it take to adapt to hearing aids?

    Adapting varies, but most people adjust within a few weeks with consistent usage.

  • Will hearing aids restore my hearing to normal?

    While they improve hearing, they may not fully restore it to pre-hearing levels. You can definitely expect significant enhancement.